| Places to see
  • Škrip, island Brač


    The oldest place on island. Parish church Saint Jelena from 18th century. Fortified house of Cerineo family, 16th c. Museum of the Island Brač – the oldest findings dating back to 15th c. B.C….

  • Vidova gora, island Brač

    Vidova gora

    The highest peak of all adriatic islands, 778 meters high with the view to Bol and other central-dalmatian islands, sometimes one can even see Italy.

  • brac-bol-004


    Hotel Kaštil (before it was a family house from 17th c.). Parish church ‘Lady od Karmel’, 17th c. Art gallery ‘Branko Dešković’ (founded in 1963.). Dominican monastery from 15th c. with famous altar picture…

  • Pustinja Blaca, island Brač


    Desert monastery founded in 1551.,carved in rock, on 250 meters height above sea-level. The richest library on island, valuable oldurniture,weapon and tools collection, well famous planetarium. Today, the monastery functions as museum.

  • Supetar, island Brač


    The church of Assumption. Mausoleum of Petrinović family (the author T. Rosandić).

  • Pučišća, island Brač


    Parish church of Saint Jerolim, 16th c.. the only example of altar woodcarving (statue of Saint Jerolim in a cave). Stonemasonery school with a hundred-year-old tradition. Stone factory called ‘Jadrankamen’.

  • Nerežišća, island Brač


    From 10th to 19th c. administrative center of the island Brač. Church ‘Saint Peter’, 14th c. with stone altar made by Nikola Lazanić from 16th c., with miniature 200 year-old pine-tree growing on the…

  • Postira, island Brač


    Birth place of Vladimir Nazor (famous croatian poet). Fish-can factory ‘Sardine’. Parish church of saint John the Baptist from 18th c. ‘Kora’ – family workshop of souvenirs made from olive tree.