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Brač  y Sutivan
La isla de Brač es la isla de mayor altitud y tercera por su tamaño del mar Adriático. Una isla conocida por su piedra de gran calidad, con la que se construyeron muchos palacios. En la isla se encuentra la única escuela de esculpido en piedra de Croacia. Fuente: Croatian Tourist Board

Sutivan (Stivan), a village and harbour in the extreme west of the northern coast of the island of Brac, 7 km west of Supetar. Chief occupations are farming, wine production, olive growing, fishing and tourism. A park with a palm alley is situated at the end of the cove, on the former moorland. The coastal strip along the village has been forested (Aleppo and star pines). A local road connects Supetar with all settlements on the island. Smaller yachts can berth in the port; large vessels anchor in front of the port.

The foundations of an early Christian church, within which the church of St. John was erected in 1579, have been preserved. – The Renaissance parish church dating from the 16th century was -later reconstructed in Baroque style. The Baroque belfry was erected by Pavao Bruttapelle at the end of the 18th century. The church keeps an altarpiece featuring Our Lady of the Rosary, a 17th-century work of a central Italian school. – The citadel of the Marja-no-vic Family (1777) rises on the coast, with a sun dial on its front. The Natali-Bozicevic House originates from the Renaissance period. The summer mansion with a park by the poet Jeronim Kavanjin (17th-18th c.) dates from the Baroque period as well as the Ilic Park. The Definis house accommodates a collection of furniture and works of art from the beginning of the 19th century.